Talk Radio Show – Gun Control USA: Do Guns Protect Freedoms?

In this second SOTT Talk Radio show on January 27th 2013, I discussed with co-host Joe Quinn and special guest Jason Martin the recent furor over proposed US government gun control legislation in the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre, and the implications for Americans’ right to bear arms. Many 2nd Amendment advocates insist that a ‘well-armed citizenry’ is the last defense against tyrannical government, but are 80 million armed Americans really the solution to the problems of a corrupt government? An armed populace has not hindered the destruction of other civil liberties in the US to date, so is it a question of the curtailment of gun rights opening the way to tyrannical government, or is tyrannical government already here?

Also discussed were the root causes of the culture of violence in the USA, the history that gave rise to the US constitution and the Bill of Rights, citizens’ justified fears that they cannot rely on the corrupt authorities to protect them and what kind of a revolution it would take for people to achieve real justice.

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In this first broadcast of’s new Talk Radio show on January 20th 2013, I discussed the Sandy Hook mass shooting with co-host Joe Quinn. Having carefully analysed the horrific school shooting from a number of different angles in a series of articles, we realised there is actually very little to go on that points directly to any conspiracy. However, when placed within the historical context of similar mass shootings and political assassinations in the U.S. over the past half century, the theory that a conspiracy took place at Sandy Hook elementary school becomes plausible.

We’ll be on air every Sunday from 7-9pm UTC. That’s 11am-1pm PST, 2-4pm EST, and 8-10pm CET. Callers welcome.

Sandy Hook reality check

I’m still receiving questions from readers about Sandy Hook, nearly all of which focus on the idea that the event was staged, in whole or in part, using actors in place of real schoolchildren, parents, teachers, etc. Having looked at the ‘evidence’ for this (which I’m afraid to say is nill), I’m left wondering if people have taken leave of their senses or if this nonsense is being deliberately propagated by the Pentagon’s social media division. It could of course be down to some combination of both. Throw HAARP beaming into the mix and you’ve got a distorted frequency soup few can swim out of.

I still think there are enough unanswered questions about Sandy Hook to leave the perspicacious reader in no doubt that there’s more to the massacre than we’ve been told, but anyone sincerely interested in Truth and sharing Truth with the mass of ordinary folks who are completely oblivious to the despicable shenanigans of secret government must realise that one of its tactics is to load the conspiracy train with nuclear capacity in order to derail it – which, in this context, means making anyone who talks about what may really have happened at Sandy Hook and the broader pattern it forms a part of look like a complete kook.

So please, broaden your minds by all means, but woe unto those who abandon reason!

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