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I’m still receiving questions from readers about Sandy Hook, nearly all of which focus on the idea that the event was staged, in whole or in part, using actors in place of real schoolchildren, parents, teachers, etc. Having looked at the ‘evidence’ for this (which I’m afraid to say is nill), I’m left wondering if people have taken leave of their senses or if this nonsense is being deliberately propagated by the Pentagon’s social media division. It could of course be down to some combination of both. Throw HAARP beaming into the mix and you’ve got a distorted frequency soup few can swim out of.

I still think there are enough unanswered questions about Sandy Hook to leave the perspicacious reader in no doubt that there’s more to the massacre than we’ve been told, but anyone sincerely interested in Truth and sharing Truth with the mass of ordinary folks who are completely oblivious to the despicable shenanigans of secret government must realise that one of its tactics is to load the conspiracy train with nuclear capacity in order to derail it – which, in this context, means making anyone who talks about what may really have happened at Sandy Hook and the broader pattern it forms a part of look like a complete kook.

So please, broaden your minds by all means, but woe unto those who abandon reason!

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  1. The USA is being DESTABILIZED internally and from abroad by assholes. The U.S. media is being discredited. The American government is being discredited. And Obama and the Democratic party are being discredited. The American people watch TV. Eventually it will all come out what is going on here. Domestic assholes, colluding with foreign assholes to destabilize the U.S. government. Watch and see. It walks like GLADIO, looks like GLADIO and smells like GLADIO. Could it be Gladio?

    1. Not Gladio, as such. Operation Gladio was a NATO operation to leave ‘stay-behind units’ in Europe after WWII, ostensibly for responding to potential Soviet incursions into Western Europe, but the historical record shows they were more concerned with ‘local outbreaks of communism’. (Though ‘communism’ of course was a euphemism that covered any and all popular democratic movements the local elites wanted to discredit.)

      Having said that, the fingerprints of multiple persons being involved in at least some of the mass shootings in the US does point to some agency or personnel with very high-level clearance conducting clandestine activities that are every bit as atrocious as carrying out ‘terrorist’ bombings then blaming them on obscure leftist group. Since than and now we have also seen the same MO at work all over the world. ‘Suicide bombings’ in Israel, Iraq, Pakistan and elsewhere serve the agenda of ‘creating facts on the ground’, whereby military intervention for the protection of Western corporate interests is justified under the ‘War on Terror’ narrative.

      Domestically in the US, staged terror attacks serve to rally support for the already-existing police state infrastructure (think NDAA, Patriot Acts and other legislation, the TSA, DHS, etc). Above all, they serve to remind people why they need a strong government to protect them. The minority who can see through this and instead (largely) respond by rallying around the 2nd Amendment and resisting gun control also wind up supporting the consolidation of control because the government will portray them as crazies, which in turn scares the majority into backing the government. That’s why they’re happy to invite Alex Jones onto CNN to rant like a madman.

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