Yanis Varoufakis as Western financiers’ ‘trojan horse’?

varoufakis-quoteI don’t think so…

I think William Engdahl, the geopolitical analyst positing this theory, has gone off the deep end on this one. His argument amounts to:

‘Putin met Kissinger to discuss global affairs as recently as last year: Putin is therefore a trojan horse of the NWO’.

Both Engdahl and Paul Craig Roberts, whom he cites, have this rather naive view of how ‘steering the ship of state’ actually works. For example, Engdahl writes:

“Were Varoufakis the man he pretends to be before his Greek countrymen, he would have set forth a strategy of Greek exit from the Euro and a strategy akin to that of Iceland to declare a debt moratorium, freeze all debt repayments to the Troika – IMF, ECB and EU.”

They take Greece’s ‘failure’ to do so right now as evidence of a lack of political will to do so. Certainly, this seems to be, objectively, the best route for Greece, but while it may seem straightforward in theory, getting there in practice is a whole other ball of wax!

As we’ve seen with Putin’s Russia, it took over 15 years to gradually disentangle from the Tyrant (the Western control system) to the point where Russia can stand on its own two feet. And Russia – with its central bank still plugged into the Bank of International Settlements, and foreign intelligence capable of ‘executive assassinations’ on the Kremlin’s doorstep – isn’t home and dry yet.

Tiny Greece (and eastern Ukraine, for that matter) aint gonna do that in a day.

As things stand, Greece’s media and military/intelligence (by virtue of being NATO-integrated) is Western-controlled. Greece would have to, in parallel, be gradually ‘getting its house in order’ before embarking on any bold moves.

Among the top concerns on Tsipras’s list: can he trust his security chiefs? Probably not. Now, how to effect a ‘coup’ without setting off too many alarms in Washington/Brussels? SO many details to think about!

And once Tsipras were to really get the ball rolling, would he survive the process? Remember, they whacked the President of the United States of America in broad daylight when he REALLY tried to perform his (otherwise-nominal) functions as leader of his country…

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  1. What a load of contradictory waffle – just like that treasonous clown with delusions of adequacy, Baroufucknuckle…

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