Psychopaths in power: The Parasite on the Human Super-organism

I was reading another devastating commentary by American author Chris Hedges on the overbearing tyranny of the State, and it got me to thinking about this popular notion of “rising up against” oppressors. Hedges’ analysis is on target, but I feel that his conclusion that we must “tear it down” in order to escape it […]

Reframing our understanding of psychopaths, or why the world is so messed up

Contrary to the general misconception, psychopaths – those born evil – for the most part evade the criminal justice system and wind up as extraordinarily ‘successful’ members of society. They can become CEOs, Supreme Court judges, Presidents, Central Bankers, Media Barons, and leading academics whose ideas can infect the thinking of whole generations. I think […]

SOTT Talk Radio – Upcoming show: Are Psychopaths Cool? Uncovering the predators among us

The term ‘psychopath’ is trending these days. We hear reports about the virtues of psychopathic qualities in all walks of life, from CEOs and political leaders to heart surgeons and soldiers. Popular references to psychopaths in TV shows like Dexter and movies like Seven Psychopaths would seem to suggest that psychopaths are not only generally […]