SOTT Talk Radio – Upcoming show: Are Psychopaths Cool? Uncovering the predators among us

The term ‘psychopath’ is trending these days. We hear reports about the virtues of psychopathic qualities in all walks of life, from CEOs and political leaders to heart surgeons and soldiers. Popular references to psychopaths in TV shows like Dexter and movies like Seven Psychopaths would seem to suggest that psychopaths are not only generally known about and understood, but are also appealing to ordinary people.

But are psychopaths really cool? And what is a psychopath anyway? How many of them are out there and how long have they been around us? Everyone has an opinion about psychopaths, but are we all talking about the same thing? Bestselling books like Kevin Dutton’s Wisdom of Psychopaths encourage people to ‘unlock their inner psychopath’; does that mean we are all potentially psychopaths?

Joe and myself will again be joined this week by the indomitable Jason Martin to discuss these questions and more with our special guest, Harrison Koehli, expert on the study of ponerology and editor of Red Pill Press, which published the underground classic Political Ponerology: A Science on the Nature of Evil, Adjusted for Political Purposes.

Join us live on air this Sunday 3rd February 2013, from 7-9pm UTC (11am-1pm PST, 2-4pm EST, and 8-10pm CET).

Callers welcome! The call-in number from the USA is 718 508-9499 (international callers add 00 1 to the beginning of that number).

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  1. Looking forward to this weeks show! Thanks Niall, you and Joe have put together some real good Talk Radio. Glad I subscribed!

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