Mafia States: Israel and Ukraine’s special relationship

Israel and Ukraine are two very strange countries, both in and of themselves, and in their relationship. Many Israelis are ethnically indistinguishable from their Semitic Arab neighbors, with whom they – despite trenchant efforts by the Israeli elite to prevent it, and pretend it isn’t so – have long been integrated, genetically and culturally. Those […]

“Unbelievable brainwashing”: The gaping blindspot in Western liberalism

Check out this Young Turks discussion about how “unbelievably brainwashed millions of North Koreans are”: Unbelievable, eh? Now, let’s turn the mirror around… You wouldn’t believe how much psychological work it takes to undo Western brainwashing. It’s something I grew up with. From day one, they were putting it in my head. I was taught […]

Psychopaths in power: The Parasite on the Human Super-organism

I was reading another devastating commentary by American author Chris Hedges on the overbearing tyranny of the State, and it got me to thinking about this popular notion of “rising up against” oppressors. Hedges’ analysis is on target, but I feel that his conclusion that we must “tear it down” in order to escape it […]