13 years on: No Boeing 757 at the Pentagon on 9/11

Where’s the Boeing 757?

9/11 was the catalyst for launching ‘endless war on terror’, the NSA’s global e-gulag, legalizing torture, targeted assassinations, the suspension of due process, the massive concentration of wealth into the hands of oligarchs, the militarization of police forces and the takeover of power by psychopaths everywhere.

13 years on, the fact remains that no Boeing 757 crashed into the Pentagon on 9/11. The following video was first produced by SOTT.net ten years ago in 2003. As it clocked up over half a billion views, the U.S. regime indirectly responded to it by releasing several more frames of the Pentagon security gate camera footage, which they claimed showed the Boeing 757 of Flight 77 approaching the building. It didn’t. If anything, it confirmed SOTT.net’s hypothesis that a far smaller craft, such as a Global Hawk drone, made the ground-skimming approach towards the Pentagon.

As this video explains, there were multiple sites where security camera footage would have captured whatever flew into the building. All were immediately confiscated within minutes of the incident, and none have been released to this day.

No Boeing 757 at the Pentagon remains the biggest gaping hole in the official story of 9/11. The victims’ families deserve to know what really happened. The millions of victims in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere deserve to know what happened. The entire planet suffering under the heel of totalitarianism deserves to know what really happened.

Firewalling Russia within an ‘Arc of Crisis’ – Deciphering NATO chief Rasmussen’s Cardiff statements

NATO warmonger-in-chief Fogh Rasmussen today encapsulated the centuries-old struggle by Western elites to dominate the globe. No doubt his speech and prepared statements at the NATO Summit in Cardiff was written for him – like all Western front men, he has no mind of his own. Nevertheless, through him, we can hear the Western oligarchial hive-mind speak.

Note how they had him recite Zbigniew Brzezinski’s term, “Arc of Crisis”, followed by the description of the US-EU empire as “an island”. This ‘Arc of Crisis’ is their geopolitical strategy of setting off a string of local conflicts – by “stirring up some Moslems and vassal states in eastern Europe” (ref. Brzezinski) – all along Russia’s western and southern borders.

The reference to the NATO alliance as “an island” is, ironically, why their multi-generational efforts to secure imperial hegemony over the whole planet can never succeed: in the Heartland Theory of Brzezinski’s British ideological forefather, Halford Mackinder, the ‘World Island’ was the great contiguous landmass of Eurasia.

Realizing, after a century of trying, that the World Island – where 80% of the world’s people and resources reside – could not be outright dominated, Western elites have had to settle for the second-best option of ‘containing Russia’. Hence, today, pushing NATO eastwards to include the Baltic states, using Ukraine and Georgia for proxy warfare against Russia, and setting Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, etc on fire.

They can’t have the World Island, so they have created a TransAtlantic ‘island’ with which to maintain global dominance of trade and international relations. They’re desperately trying to project cohesiveness and ‘strength through unity’ via jingoistic pomp and ceremony, nebulous terror threats, and outright police state measures, because otherwise most of those NATO member states would naturally gravitate towards Eurasian integration and fairer, more humane relations with their neighbours.

Here’s a visual of the Western ‘Arc of Crisis’:

Consistent with the classic psychopathic trait of projection, Rasmussen says NATO is surrounded by that arc, when in fact it is Russia that has had the arc cast around it by NATO et al.

For more on the ideological bent running through generations of Western imperialism, check out my article:  Geopolitics of Empire: Mackinder’s Heartland Theory and the Containment of Russia


ISIS too leads back to Western obsessions with ‘containing Russia’

U.S. democrazi-in-action: Killary in Libya… U.S. Air Force, check. Locally-procured terrorist proxy army, check. Stupid grin of death, check.

The Islamic militant group ISIS, formerly known as Al-Qaeda in Iraq, and recently rebranded as the Islamic State, is the stuff of nightmares. They are ruthless, fanatical killers on a mission. That mission is ostensibly to wipe out anyone and everyone of any religion or belief system that stands in the way of the global imposition of Shari’ah law. The mass executions, beheadings and even crucifixions that they are committing as they work towards this goal are flaunted like badges of pride, video taped and uploaded for the whole world to see. This is the new ‘face of evil’.

Like the rest of their interpretation of the Koran, they don’t actually understand what Shari’ah law is, but that’s irrelevant because their real mission has nothing to do with Islam or advancing the real interests of Muslims.

Check out this great video by StormCloudsGathering on the Covert Origins of ISIS:

They pretty much nailed it: ISIS is a proxy army fighting on behalf of U.S.-Israeli-British interests. Some additional perspective that ties it all together is to consider that the original motive for creating Islamic terrorism (fighting Russia with proxy armies) is probably the same overarching motive today.

So it was never about removing Assad per se. I mean, they are now seriously considering ‘partnering’ with Assad ‘against’ ISIS! It was also never about regime change in Iran per se. Iran is already cooperating with the U.S. in ‘dealing with ISIS’. It was about ‘managing’ the Middle East with an eye on the global ‘chessboard’. So when arch-Russophobe Zbigniew Brzezinski said ‘there will be an Arc of Crisis from the Horn of Africa to Southeastern Asia’, he meant the U.S. would set a fire under Russia’s feet, and play one country off another to keep all countries from coming together. You’re left wondering if 9/11 itself wasn’t done with this same ‘grand strategy’ in mind…

It’s a 300-year-old project by the multi-generational psychopathic oligarchic elite in the West aimed at ‘containing’ Russia’s civilizing role on Earth. They need to keep the Middle East as ‘theirs’, otherwise ‘Russia will get it’. Russia has never, doesn’t and won’t ever have, ‘designs on the Middle East’, but if it were not for constant Anglo-American-Israeli interventions, the Middle East would naturally reintegrate into an Ottoman-style pan-Islamic caliphate of some kind, which would naturally be looking to Russia, central Asia, China, etc as primary trading parters in energy and other natural resources.

That would make for a fairer, more humane world, which would mean the return of rule by normal man, the ultimate nightmare for psychopaths who seek a world in which they control everyone and everything, thus making it ‘safe’ for their kind to express their destructive urges without moral condemnation by ‘those other people’ (humans).