Agents provocateurs turn Paris pro-Palestine protests violent: Cui bono?

It’s not a coincidence that only the Paris pro-Gaza demonstrations have broken out in violence: the provocative terrorist Jewish Defence League (long-since banned in Israel and the US!) is very active there, where it works hand in hand with state security forces to ensure 100% compliance with official policy regarding the country’s twisted relationship with Israel.

Check out this RT footage from the most recent protest:

Did you notice the interesting scene at 1’19? Upon burning the Israeli flag, they proceed to hold up an Al Qaeda flag, along with the US, French and UK-sponsored Syrian ‘rebel’ flag:

Paris pro-gaza protest_agitators

So, are they with the French government, or are they against it? It’s curious that theirs and the state’s interests happen to align with the Empire’s, in complete contradiction to the outward appearance of ‘rioting against the state’, and that the net result of their actions will be the banning of peaceful protests, the very thing they are rioting against!

Again we see agents provocateurs are agitating protestors towards violence in the interest of the State.

Are they even aware that that’s what they are? Most of them probably aren’t. By this point, the ‘Al Qaeda jihadist’ meme has caught on and thousands of young Muslims in the ‘civilized world’ have fallen into the Western intelligence trap: they believe the world can be changed for the better through violent ‘Islamist’ revolution.

Probably hundreds of those protesters in Paris have been to ‘wage Jihad’ in Syria… and come back home safely. This is not ‘a problem the French government is struggling to cope with’. This is a scenario that French intelligence services actively fostered – in tandem with their British and American counterparts – to recruit, fund, train and secure safe passage and return for thousands of ‘jihadists’, generally unemployed 2nd or 3rd generation immigrants of Muslim extraction (although more and more of them are white middle-class boys looking for something to do).

Why on Earth would any state do something so apparently detrimental to its own interests?

For precisely the above scenario: banning protests, thereby stifling dissent, requires pretexts for compelling the masses to remain cowed and compliant.  The Powers That Be are braced for “mass civil unrest” as extreme weather ramps up, food shortages kick in, and people start really freaking out.

Battle of Stalingrad redux? NATO, Nazism and East Ukraine

Things are on a knife-edge in Ukraine. This from ZeroHedge:

The Washington Post is publishing a new map that shows, using information from the Royal United Services Institute, recent troop movements in the region. The graphic illustrates how military exercises conducted by Russia have left a big build-up of troops on Ukraine’s border. It also shows Ukraine’s own military moves to its borders with Russia and Moldova’s Russian-dominated enclave, Transnistria.

I watched a documentary about the Battle of Stalingrad recently, and was struck by the similarities between that momentous point in 20th century history and the clash of civilizations taking place in exactly the same region today. Here’s the pertinent part:

The Battle of Stalingrad saw fierce street fighting in the city of Stalingrad, today named Volgograd, on a bend in the great Volga River in Southern Russia. Lasting from August 1942 to February 1943, it was among the bloodiest battles in the history of warfare.

Less well known is that Hitler’s armies were substantially defeated in preceding battles that took place either side of the Seversky Donets River, which forms part of today’s border between Ukraine and Russia. Citing Soviet- and Nazi-era military records, U.S. military historian David Glantz contends that the tide turned for the Nazis in the very same region where people are today rising up against a reactionary, racially-motivated clique of virulently anti-Russian madmen transplanted into Kiev by the Western NATO military alliance.

Here we are, again, 72 years later, in the same location, witnessing the convergence of another potentially titanic battle between East and West.

It’s eerie to think that the Russians essentially defeated Nazism in the very place where NATO-trained and backed neo-fascists from Galicia, Western Ukraine, are today killing ethnic Russians. So much for ‘never again’, eh Europe?

Nazi Germany never recovered from its losses in Southern Russia.

Will Ukraine turn out to be the graveyard of the North Atlantic Empire too? Perhaps in some roundabout way; I don’t foresee Russian and U.S. troops engaging directly in Ukraine or elsewhere. But with the Atlanticists having to lie in ever more egregious ways as they maneuver their way through this crisis, they run an increasingly higher risk of exposing their hand to the slumbering Western masses and having their ‘world democratization revolution’ backfire spectacularly.

To paraphrase Twain, history may not always exactly repeat itself, but it certainly rhymes.

Is it just me, or does NATO’s logo look rather like a swastika over the ‘white power’ symbol?

“Unbelievable brainwashing”: The gaping blindspot in Western liberalism

Check out this Young Turks discussion about how “unbelievably brainwashed millions of North Koreans are”:

Unbelievable, eh? Now, let’s turn the mirror around…

You wouldn’t believe how much psychological work it takes to undo Western brainwashing. It’s something I grew up with. From day one, they were putting it in my head. I was taught to believe I am my own god. And they’ve done it to two whole continents (North America and Europe).

I’m not being sarcastic. Most in the West hesitate many times a day because they believe the NSA/Big Brother can read their thoughts. The Young Turks think it’s “amazing” that there are people in NK who would die for their regime… What then was voluntary military service in the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars?

Americans are so inured to ‘Manifest Destiny’ that believing in their ‘exceptionalism’ over all other nations is as natural to them as breathing. The idea of having a ‘bad thought’ about the regime (‘No way, my own government would never carry out 9/11’, or ‘You can’t expect me to believe we killed 2 million Iraqis to steal their resources and control the Middle East’) makes most run away in fear. In fact, the moment it enters their consciousness, via an acquaintance, website, or foreign media, their preprogrammed beliefs automatically sound the alarm: ‘WARNING! CONSPIRACY TERRITORY!’

Europeans take it for granted that their higher ideals are going to save the planet from global warming, set the standards for social democracy and human rights, and generally help the U.S. civilize the world. In reality, it’s just a handmaiden to War, Inc.

Do you, dear Westerner, see the inherent hypocrisy of us liberal Westerners criticizing other civilizations/cultures/systems when our own is so god-awful evil? Forget about North Korea, if the United States of America is ever to be liberated, it would take at least two generations to de-program its population.

The rest of the world is walking on eggshells in a Herculean effort to avoid upsetting the Western brainwashers by making any sudden moves. All nations have first hand experience over the last 100+ years of just how militarily and financially trigger-happy the ‘benevolent dictators’ of the Western Empire can be. Now and then they try to (gently) bring the U.S. elite around – like Russia is doing now by way of setting an example – to objective reality: the U.S. is not going to indefinitely dominate the world at the expense of others.

The truly “unbelievably scary thing”, to paraphrase Cenk Uygur, is that we are all but certainly facing a massive upswing in global violence because the brainwashed U.S. (and EU) population is so hopelessly compliant with its regime’s “unbelievable” crimes against humanity. And said regime would sooner ignite WW3 than become civilized and behave decently towards others.

What then of North Korea’s regime? In this larger, horrifying context of hundreds of millions of brainwashed minions, Korea’s brainwashed are but a drop in the ocean. The Turks would do better to educate Americans on the origin of the term ‘brainwashing’: the CIA concocted it to explain why U.S. POWs spoke out against their regime’s actions in Korea in the 1950s, accusing the Chinese of ‘casting our boys under a spell’. The POWs didn’t just come around to seeing that U.S. military involvement in Korea was unjustified, they confessed to using biological weapons. And so, to cover this up, the U.S. regime rolled out a massive propaganda effort to convince folks that ‘our boys’ had been brainwashed.

Turns out the U.S. did use biological weapons on the civilian population, weapons that were being developed under CIA Mind Control programs and expanded from the U.S. to black sites around the world.

Oy vey, so many lies, so little time. Lies piled upon lies; how can we ever unspin them all?

To conclude, the most we Westerners can say with respect to the way things are done in North Korea is, ‘Shame, but our own regime is responsible for bringing that situation about, and anyway, are things really any better here?’