Firewalling Russia within an ‘Arc of Crisis’ – Deciphering NATO chief Rasmussen’s Cardiff statements

NATO warmonger-in-chief Fogh Rasmussen today encapsulated the centuries-old struggle by Western elites to dominate the globe. No doubt his speech and prepared statements at the NATO Summit in Cardiff was written for him – like all Western front men, he has no mind of his own. Nevertheless, through him, we can hear the Western oligarchial hive-mind speak.

Note how they had him recite Zbigniew Brzezinski’s term, “Arc of Crisis”, followed by the description of the US-EU empire as “an island”. This ‘Arc of Crisis’ is their geopolitical strategy of setting off a string of local conflicts – by “stirring up some Moslems and vassal states in eastern Europe” (ref. Brzezinski) – all along Russia’s western and southern borders.

The reference to the NATO alliance as “an island” is, ironically, why their multi-generational efforts to secure imperial hegemony over the whole planet can never succeed: in the Heartland Theory of Brzezinski’s British ideological forefather, Halford Mackinder, the ‘World Island’ was the great contiguous landmass of Eurasia.

Realizing, after a century of trying, that the World Island – where 80% of the world’s people and resources reside – could not be outright dominated, Western elites have had to settle for the second-best option of ‘containing Russia’. Hence, today, pushing NATO eastwards to include the Baltic states, using Ukraine and Georgia for proxy warfare against Russia, and setting Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, etc on fire.

They can’t have the World Island, so they have created a TransAtlantic ‘island’ with which to maintain global dominance of trade and international relations. They’re desperately trying to project cohesiveness and ‘strength through unity’ via jingoistic pomp and ceremony, nebulous terror threats, and outright police state measures, because otherwise most of those NATO member states would naturally gravitate towards Eurasian integration and fairer, more humane relations with their neighbours.

Here’s a visual of the Western ‘Arc of Crisis’:

Consistent with the classic psychopathic trait of projection, Rasmussen says NATO is surrounded by that arc, when in fact it is Russia that has had the arc cast around it by NATO et al.

For more on the ideological bent running through generations of Western imperialism, check out my article:  Geopolitics of Empire: Mackinder’s Heartland Theory and the Containment of Russia


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