13 years on: No Boeing 757 at the Pentagon on 9/11

Where’s the Boeing 757?

9/11 was the catalyst for launching ‘endless war on terror’, the NSA’s global e-gulag, legalizing torture, targeted assassinations, the suspension of due process, the massive concentration of wealth into the hands of oligarchs, the militarization of police forces and the takeover of power by psychopaths everywhere.

13 years on, the fact remains that no Boeing 757 crashed into the Pentagon on 9/11. The following video was first produced by SOTT.net ten years ago in 2003. As it clocked up over half a billion views, the U.S. regime indirectly responded to it by releasing several more frames of the Pentagon security gate camera footage, which they claimed showed the Boeing 757 of Flight 77 approaching the building. It didn’t. If anything, it confirmed SOTT.net’s hypothesis that a far smaller craft, such as a Global Hawk drone, made the ground-skimming approach towards the Pentagon.

As this video explains, there were multiple sites where security camera footage would have captured whatever flew into the building. All were immediately confiscated within minutes of the incident, and none have been released to this day.

No Boeing 757 at the Pentagon remains the biggest gaping hole in the official story of 9/11. The victims’ families deserve to know what really happened. The millions of victims in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere deserve to know what happened. The entire planet suffering under the heel of totalitarianism deserves to know what really happened.

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