Asymmetric Warfare: MH17 False-Flag Terror and the ‘War’ on Gaza

When MH370 vanished into thin air on March 8th this year, an international search-and-rescue party scanned two of the world’s oceans, pored over satellite images and radar readings, and consulted automated communication relays between parts of the plane and their manufacturers that monitor aircraft system performance in real-time. Despite these multiple layers of hi-tech monitoring […]

Dealing with “humankind’s most grievous cancer”: An ultimatum for ‘Mad Dog’ Israel

UK Channel 4’s Jon Snow wrote a heart-breaking piece on his recent journey to Gaza that concludes with pleas for a solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict, “whatever the cost”. Good, strong words. Despite toeing the party line on many issues, Snow has consistently made a stand with respect to Israeli barbarity. He wrote: This is […]