Dealing with “humankind’s most grievous cancer”: An ultimatum for ‘Mad Dog’ Israel

Israeli settlements… in Antarctica

UK Channel 4’s Jon Snow wrote a heart-breaking piece on his recent journey to Gaza that concludes with pleas for a solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict, “whatever the cost”. Good, strong words.

Despite toeing the party line on many issues, Snow has consistently made a stand with respect to Israeli barbarity. He wrote:

This is humankind’s most grievous cancer, for its cells infect conflicts in every corner of the world. We fail as humankind if we do not devise a coming-together.

Alrighty then, if we’re serious about solving this cancerous problem, let’s start by sanctioning all things Israeli. I mean REALLY sanctioning Israel to force de-apartheidization. Blockade the place. Lay siege to it. Nothing comes in or out. Once Israelis have suffered enough, they’ll start clamoring to leave.

True healing requires a multi-pronged, long-term approach, but when you’re talking about cancer in its advanced stages, you don’t dally about surgery.

Inviting Israelis (not all of them, but too many of them) to “coming-togethers” is like insisting upon repeat psychopathic offenders to undergo group therapy treatment. It only encourages them to become better manipulators. No, what’s needed here is tough love, the only language character-disturbed people understand.

In the meantime, a colony with basic facilities can be built in Antarctica, and put under UN mandate. It’ll cost a bit to house and feed the potentially substantial numbers detained there, but money is no object, right?

It’ll need high walls, perimeter fences, hi-tech security, armed guards, drones… all the comforts Israelis are used to.

Israeli refugees fleeing the siege are then given an ultimatum:

  • If you accept the new reality of living in a civilized country – on equal terms with Palestinians – you may stay.
  • If you refuse, or if interrogators have reason to suspect you are likely to react violently against this new reality in future, you earn a one-way ticket to Antarctica.
  • There can also be the option of repatriation if their country of origin is happy to take them back.

Such a scenario would never happen as long as the USA is #1, but if people are serious about ‘doing something’ before the curtains fall on this freakshow we call modern civilization, I can’t think of a more humane way to put down ‘Mad Dog Israel‘.

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