Reign of Fire: Meteorites, Wildfires, Planetary Chaos and the Sixth Extinction

Originally published on on July 5, 2012 – with Joe Quinn. Over the past 18 months, we’ve been growing increasingly concerned for the future of all life on planet earth. Sure, the signs that things have been going ‘south’ have been there for some time, but our concern began in earnest at the very […]

Target Iran: America and Israel to Officially Unleash MEK Terrorist Cult

Originally published on on May 18, 2012 The Munafiqeen [Hypocrites] will be in the lowest depths of the Fire: no helper wilt thou find for them. ~ Sura 4 (An-Nisa), ayah 145, Qur’an A couple of months ago, one of those dubious leaks made by “unnamed US officials” caught my eye. US media did […]

From Internet Troll to Psychopathy Expert: The Con-Artistry of Thomas Sheridan

Originally published on on August 19, 2012. Compared to, say, ten years ago, a lot of people today are aware of and talking about psychopaths. On the one hand this is encouraging, but on the other, it’s a little troubling. It is heartening to see awareness of psychopathy breach the mainstream frequency fence here […]