SOTT Talk Radio, Show #5 – Cosmic Catastrophe and Social Hysteria

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Not a day goes by without news reports indicating that increasing hysteria has taken ahold of people. From mass panic in schools because fifth-graders are ‘caught’ playing with toy paper guns to fears that a ‘zombie apocalypse’ is upon us, people are reacting in increasingly bizarre and paranoid ways.

There is strong evidence that, over the course of human history, repeated cometary bombardment from space has wiped the slate clean on our little planet. These cleansing events were naturally terrifying for people who lived through them. In time, the progenitors of those who survived rebuilt civilizations anew and eventually the horrors of the past were forgotten.

Increased fireball sightings in recent years (among other tell-tale signs), indicate that, we have now entered another period of potential cosmic catastrophe. We are also living in a time when an endless ‘War on Terror’ is being waged – ostensibly to ‘protect our freedoms’ and  Western civilization from evil-doers ‘over there’. The result has been a significant increase in real – actual and felt – terror that is evidenced in the form of social hysteria.

But what if the real threat has always been “out there” rather than “over there”? Will our leaders and authorities be able to keep us safe from a cosmic threat? Do they even know about it?

This week we’ll be discussing the real purpose of ‘protecting people’ by ‘fighting terror’, abroad, or at home and whether or not the real source of our deepest fears have anything to do with a threat from space that our leaders would rather keep under wraps.

[This week’s show will include most, if not all, of the topics planned for last week’s show which was cancelled due to technical difficulties.]

Join us live on air this Sunday 17th February 2013, from 7-9pm UTC (11am-1pm PST, 2-4pm EST, and 8-10pm CET). Callers welcome!

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